Health Risks Caused By A Wet Basement

Health Risks Hazards Caused By A Wet Basement

A leaky basement cannot only create major long-term problems for your home but it is also a potential health risk for you and your family. From a health perspective, dealing with basement leaks and general dampness is also extremely important.

Wet basements are a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Dealing with basement leaks when it rains and fighting the mold and mildew that result from a constant moisture problem in your basement can feel like a never-ending battle. When our basement waterproofing contractors commit to a project, one of the first things we want to address is an health concerns that moisture in your basement and mold can cause. Molds are responsible for a number of health issues, especially allergies (which can range from mild to life threatening), and can adversely affect the overall well-being of you and your family without you even being aware of the source. Even if there is no visible signs of mold, don't ignore the fact that mold may be present. Our basement waterproofing contractors and mold removal experts at 1 Basement Waterproofing will be able to get your basement dry and keep it that way so that you can enjoy your home without worrying about these health issues.

Be sure to inspect basement furniture and stored materials in a basement where mold is suspected, such as cardboard boxes and their contents and the under-side of furniture and game tables. Often we find serious mold growth on the un-finished surfaces of wood objects, probably because the absence of a coating means that such surfaces take up more moisture than other sides of the same item. Mold can grow under your carpet and many other places in your basement that you may not be aware of.

Many people get lulled into the mindset that a little water in the basement is normal and comes with owning a home with a basement. Wet basements set the stage for a range of problems for your home and for your health. Hiring a professional basement waterproofing contractor that also has experience with mold removal is your best defense against health risks and your basement.

Getting a professional basement waterproofing contractor on the job when you first become aware of leaks, a mold presence, musty odors or water damage is the best thing you can do to address these issues. 1 Basement Waterproofing will be able to diagnose the problem and implement the most appropriate waterproofing system for your home. If this sounds familiar to you and you have questions or would like to have one of our mold and waterproofing experts come out to give you a free inspection, contact us today to discuss your options at (888) 364-0086.